Back on track(er)

I never would have thought about touching a tracker again, but as i had to learn now, never say never.
A few days ago a friend of my dear n-factor colleague Hellfire asked for a track for his upcoming crack intro and i replied that i may be of help. At that time i did not know that he was talking about a xm. You can imagine that i was pretty surprised by that info regarding to the fact that i hadn’t touched any music tracking software for about 12 years. Nevertheless i downloaded the great Milkytracker and started it. The interface was more than familiar, because i had been using  Fasttracker on PC for a log time of my life.
The next problem was to find a track that was suitable for a crack intro, meaning not to have a long introduction and be progressive. I depacked my complete mod/xm archive and listened to nearly all my old and not so old tracks. I considered only a few of them suitable for a crack intro and in a quality i wouldn’t have to be ashamed of.

Unfortunately none of those 5 preselected tracks matched the specification not to be larger than 50kb when packed.
Anyway, after he had chosen one track he liked, we started wondering how to get this song as small as possible. I suggested that at first i would make some changes to the track to make it fit and we would discuss the packing and resizing possibilities later.

A moment ago i finished the compositional part, which was not that huge i admit. But it was weird using a tracker again and i must say, i felt pretty uncomfortable with it. So the chances are good that i will never touch a tracker again for composing.

I will keep you updated when and more important IF it will be released.


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