The power of distraction

That’s probably the best title to describe what i experienced today when trying to work on my music projects. I started with creating new projects for my Wake up Sleeper – Bad Dreams never End Remix because nowadays i separate the pure composition from the vocals to be able to handle both without reaching the limit of my computer capability. In a later step, i merge all the wav’s of the different instruments and the vocal tracks together to finalize the mixing.
But most of that never happened today, because i got distracted by a chat notice i received, reminding me of a problem we had on BitFellas-ArtCity. I said i would be there in a bit, but after messing up a whole bunch of vocal exports from the old Wake up Sleeper project to the new one, i turned to the chat completely.
After i did what i could with the problem i came back to making music again. I wanted to re-record some of the vocals but had a bad clipping all the time, so i started to defrag my HD and while that was going on i got distracted by my stomach. I needed to be fed and decided to drop that project for good today.
Later this day, i had a wild idea for my demo scene track D12 so i booted my music-program again and started working and guess what happened. I got distracted again. This time it a friend of mine showed up and we talked a bit online. This “bit” expanded itself to become several hours and here i am, sitting in front of my monitor, realizing that i not only haven’t done anything creative today, although i was heavily motivated this morning, no, i even didn’t find the time to study for my upcoming exam, which i intend to pass with a good grade.
I leave it up to you to decide whats the worse of both.

Next time i work on my projects, i’ll probably be offline šŸ˜‰


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