Tribute to Strontium 90

Tribute to Strontium 90

  • running time in minutes : 6:05
  • size in mb : 6,61
  • format : ogg
  • quality in kbit : 160 vbr
  • genre : Psychedelic Rock
  • released in : BitJam Remix Compo 2 Musicdisk Hidden Part

  • download track here : link
  • BitJam Musicdisk on Pouet : link

This track was originally planned to be a remix of my friends track Strontium 90, but somehow during the process of composing i went further and further away from the original. So now, you can hardly recognize toe influence of the original anymore. That is why i changed it from being a remix to a tribute song. Nevertheless i want to honor the original with it, because i like it very much. This song was released as part of the bonus area of the BitJam Remix Competition 2.

Safe Creative #1107049605858


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