Like a Childbirth

Like a Childbirth (cooperation with Virgill)

  • running time in minutes : 4:27
  • size in mb : 5,20
  • format : mp3
  • quality in kbit : 160
  • genre : electro
  • released in : Anadune – Moonstone

  • download track here: link
  • find moonstone on pouet : link
  • download demo here : link
  • download video here : link

I remember sitting in front of Virgill’s PC in his old flat with him. We had the idea of a mixture between catchy, warm, Gothic style piano and strings and electronic, hypnotic sequences. As Virgill did the most of the arrangement i can call myself lucky to be credited for this. We had some lyrics planned for 3 female and one male voice, but couldn’t find someone who was fluent in Latin, so in the end, its instrumental. I remember, we had some Hungarian lyrics, but especially i was not very happy about them. The original working title of this song is: “de profundis”. Don’t ask me why its called “like a childbirth” now. Maybe because Virgill became a father that year 😉


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