KML Lauf! Ein Lied über Jogging

KML Lauf! Ein Lied über Jogging

  • running time in minutes : 3:37
  • size in mb : 4,42
  • format : ogg
  • quality in kbit : 192
  • genre : Electro
  • released in : 2nd at Evoke 09 music-competition

  • download track here : link
  • visit KML on Last.FM : link

The new and long awaited KML track from the 2nd EP called Abgrund: Mensch. KML is a cooperation project between Virgill and me. This song was composed out of pure fun and was not meant to be taken that seriously. It was first played at the demo scene party evoke in July 2009. We know this song has an unusual length for KML songs, that are normally around 5 min, but it’s because of the competition rules. A longer version wouldn’t have fit in. The lyrics of this song are about a dad and his kid on a jogging trip, playing catch me if you can. Some might say they are about an older man chasing a young kid to do whatever. We say, its just about a family going on a jogging trip 😉

Safe Creative #1006016470485


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