KML Blutzoll

KML Blutzoll (cooperation with Virgill)

  • running time in minutes : 4:45
  • size in mb : 4,93
  • format : mp3
  • quality in kbit : 128
  • genre : Electro / Industrial
  • released in : Bitjam Solaris

  • download track here : link
  • find solaris on pouet : link
  • download solaris here : link
  • visit KML on : link
  • visit KML on myspace: link

I cannot recall exactly what year it was , when Virgill, M. and i had the idea for KML, i only know it was on a sunny 1st of may and we were sitting in my car, listening to the soundtrack of “Verschwende deine Jugend”. M. was the one who thought about having something similar like and electro-group and i think he meant it as a joke, but Virgill and i took it seriously and weeks later presented the first track to him. After writing a text and recording the vocals we started a myspace website to present our, not to be taken too seriously, work to the masses. For all non German people around, let me tell you, the text is about visiting a holocaust camp and being flooded with imaginary pictures, thoughts and the emotional cruelty that happened there during the Nazi regime. Don’t forget the past, learn from it.

Safe Creative #1006016470454


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