Innerprise & Innerprise short version

  • running time in minutes : 3:32
  • size in mb : 0,48
  • format : xm
  • quality in kbit : ?
  • genre : demoscene
  • released in : unreleased

  • download track here: link
  • download short version here: link
  • visit Faintro on pouet: link

After working on this track for a while, i felt like i had taken another step in arranging and composing. Not a big one, but a noticeable one for me, which, as an outcome, left me with a proud feeling.. Its a 10 channel fasttracker xm and unfortunately not completely finished. Of course there was no official release of this track, but i felt it is noteworthy here for its personal value.

The short version that is featured in the faintro, is a specially reworked version of the track to fit into a cracktro that has no introduction part. So basically the whole first part of the original is deleted and i remade a very small one.


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