I close my Eyes

I close my Eyes

  • running time in minutes : 4:03
  • size in mb : 5,25
  • format : mp3
  • quality in kbit : 192
  • genre : Gothic
  • released in : Alcatraz – Jailhouse Voices (Virgill Massive Melancholy Remix)
  • released in : 2nd at Main 08 music-competition (Compo Rule Cut)

  • download compo rule cut here : link
  • find original edit here : link
  • find Virgill Massive Melancholy Remix here : link
  • Jailhouse Voices on Pouet : link

The original of this song is the first out of three songs i composed after suffering from a major emotional breakdown. Its about the moment when you see your world crashing down and feel your heart being ripped out of your chest while you’re alive. The title of the song is derived from the feeling of simply wanting all things to end. And i literally mean everything. I think you get the essence of it right after you hear the very first line of the lyrics, which were sung by my best friend Ellina (Thank you so much!). I don’t think that more details are necessary as i suppose you all are familiar with English and so able to follow the lyrics by yourself. You can say, this song was not done out of fun at all, but out of a necessity for me to externalize the feelings and thoughts i had, which would have probably eaten me alive otherwise. The original features more orchestral instruments mixed with synthetic ones and way more lines of text with an additional refrain. The compo rule cut is missing some lyrics, a refrain and almost the complete middle part, because of the strict time limit. The Virgill massive melancholy remix is the one released in the music disk.


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