Happy new Year 2010!

This news item is just to wish you a happy 2010 and to take a look back on my personal demo scene 2009.

I must say, i liked 2009 demo scene wise, because it allowed me to fully return to being an active member of that scene community again. After all those years of passively following whats going on, i returned by joining TRSi, the group i always wanted to be part of. And i doubt that i will leave them ever. So thank you guys at TRSi for letting me become a part of your group!

A second great scene-thing for me was to become admin at BitFellas and taking over some responsibilities for the links area and ArtCity. I like being part of that community a lot and made a few friends there. Thanks guys!

Third, i was able to continue releasing my material in scene competitions and a music disc project and that gave me a good feeling of being active again. I will of course continue my work in 2010 and hopefully see you in a release or a music-competition.

What i am planning for 2010 is to actually meet some of my newly made contacts in person.

This is going to be a good year, i can feel it. See you around!

Old news can be found on my old website.


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