Gone with the Storm

Gone with the Storm

  • running time in minutes : 3:57
  • size in mb : 5,10
  • format : mp3
  • quality in kbit : 192
  • genre : Gothic
  • released in : Alcatraz – Jailhouse Voices (Virgill Ambient Remix)
  • released in : 10th at Function 08 music-competition (Compo Rule Cut)

  • download compo rule cut here : link
  • find original edit here : link
  • find Virgill Ambient Remix here : link
  • Jailhouse Voices on Pouet : link

The original of this track is the second song of my three song series, composed after a massive emotional breakdown and during the time shortly after wards. This song more less covers the resignation, the feeling you have when you loose the thing that is most valuable to you. Its about how you recall your imaginations, your wishes, your hopes for the future and realize that all of it will never become reality. I was suicidal at that time, not knowing how to deal with all those feelings and thoughts, but luckily i was able to put it all into this song, and have my best friend Ellina sing the lyrics. I remember when i first played it to Virgill, he sat on my couch and got goose bumps all over his arms, which happens rather rarely. I took that as a sign that the song worked and i feel more than honored that he remixed it into this wonderful version. The original features more orchestral instruments mixed with synthetic ones and a few more lines of text with an additional refrain. The compo rule cut is missing some lyrics and a refrain because of the strict time limit. The Virgill ambient remix is the one released in the music disk.


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