Sado Goredon

Sado Goredon (Cooperation with Virgill)

  • running time in minutes : 5:45
  • size in mb : 0,13
  • format : mod
  • quality in kbit : ?
  • genre : demoscene
  • released in : Panic – 1000 Wasted Dreams

  • download track here: link
  • download demo here : link

My very first release in the Scene and one of my very best. This is a four channel protracker mod and was mostly composed while we were sitting in my old room with over 40 degrees in summer. Pretty sweaty. I learned a lot about arranging and composition while doing this. Virgill was a very good mentor for me and taught me a lot. Unfortunately i couldn’t remember all of it :D. It was released in the “1000 Wasted Dreams” demo from Panic at the Action Autumn Conference in 1991 and won the democompetition. That was a great feeling, not because of winning, ok that too, but mostly because of the fact that i had a lot of guys to talk to afterwards, what made me new friends.


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