Kein Zurück phase III

Today I printed the whole book again, which is in second draft. I have finished working in my changes and correctional notes so I could finally move to the next phase of this whole book-writing adventure. And phase III means handing out the book to an external source to have it read, commented and corrected with regards to the following aspects: Grammar. Obviously I need someone else to check on my grammar. The more you read your own writing the more you don’t see any mistakes anymore. So this will be very helpful. Next aspect is Direct speech and thoughts. I want to present speech and thoughts in a certain way and thats something that needs to be overlooked. Time references and the presentation of information needs to be checked if it all makes sens, like when charakters refer to certain things on other days that those references are correct with respect to the point in time they happened. The other thing is that the whole text needs to be checked if charakters present information to one another that they already shared earlier or if the narrator describes circumstances or locations again, although it was described extensively the first time it presented itself in the story. All those things are now being worked on. I hope to get the draft back in a week or two, so that I can work on correcting the wrong stuff shortly after. I am a little behind on when I wanted this book to be finished, but what can you do.

Kein Zurück is coming along nicely

It is now around 90 days after i finished the first draft on my second book called “Kein Zurück” that I am proudly announcing, the first phase of corrections and rewritings is done. The same as my last book, I started going over the text with these 10 rules on how to improve your writing, which was a shitload of work. At some point I was through with it and wanted to start working in the changes, when a friend of mine and i got together and I read parts of the book to her. Then in that moment, I realised that reading your text out loudly offers a great way to check the fluency of it. I did continue this and read a lot more to her, correcting all the parts and phrases that sounded weird when read out loudly. I took a lot of notes again and went trhough all the text a second time, reading it all out to myself. It did help a lot and will overall improve the whole text by a significant amout. But it was again a lot of work, because I went

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First draft, the second time

After exactly 17 months of work, I am very happe to announce, that the first draft of my second book called Kein Zurück is finished. I worked a lot on it over the last weekend and was able to finish the last chapter yesterday in the evening, while simultaneously preparing for a medican intervention. I couldn’t do much else so I started early, after a short drive with my car. And what can I say, the words just came to me and it wrote itself right to the finnish line. To give you a few numbers. This draft is around 96.000 words, which is 9.000 less than my first book. This time I user a proper writing program called ywriter which I can only recommend for everyone who is thinkig about writing a book or something similar. It lets you organise your information in a very easy way.

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The joy of writing

It is January 2022 now and although it does seem that the development of the pandemic is non existent and we’re running in some hamster wheel – it feels like that sometimes, there has been at least some stuff I have been doing on the creative side of things. Since it is still not possible to have any live demoscene meetings, my demoscene activity is still zero. And that will not change for as long as we’re in this state of emergeny. Why? Because! (read all about it in last years post).

Anyway, since I would describe myself as a creative persone, I have had many thoughts about creating things and doing stuff of all sorts. E. g. getting an ensemble together to play live at some point, creating another band project for a certain kind of music I regularly fall in love with. But those ideas are heavily dependend on other people which are not that easy to find and to get together with in these times. But I am working on that. The year is young.

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Background tasks

There is a thing that is killing not only people but some of the most important thing of the demoscene. The aspect of socializing, sharing knowledge and experiences, showing off own creations and being oneself with other like-minded people. Every part of it has been moved to digital, to online, to meeting without meeting. It is kind of astonishing in a way, that especially in a time where the demoscene lost one of its main habits to COVID, the concept of it gets recognized as “Weltkulturerbe”. It does feel strange, because now it feels like if someone asks what the demoscene is, you can only share the creational aspect of it with them and that in my opinion does not reflect the whole concept of it. So, maybe, it would have been better to post this recognition in a time where the socializing aspect of it kicks off again, so that everyone involved can celebrate it appropriately WITH eachother on the multiple occasions throughout the year all over the world. But now we just have to congratulate ourselves in posts like this and press like buttons to

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The book is done

I can’t believe it, but I am sitting right infront of it and can experience it first hand day after day, if I want to. But of course I can behave and control myself. Nevertheless, I am so happy to finally be right here, right now. The rework of my book is done. It is such a great feeling to have cleaned up passage after passage, add details, rework the phrasing and bring it all together. And now that is exactly what happened over the last weeks. Earlier this year I wrote that the book is done, but that was the first draft. Now I really consider my work on it done. And I am happy to have archived another goal that I set myself a long time ago. To give you an impression of its size, it consists of around 110k words which is about 660k characters. Whether I put the book somewhere so that people can read it or not, solely depends on my mood. At the moment I will keep it for myself and maybe present it to a few selected persons in my life to get feedback. But thats the tricky thing about feedback. Can you handle criticism on something that you have worked on for so long and put so much effort in? This book is not supposed to be published in any form, that was what I had in mind when I started it. So I would tend to say yes, I can handle it. Maybe those persons can give me another perspective, present ideas on how to improve the writing. We’ll see about that. The only thing I am still missing is a title. There has been a “working title” but over the time I worked on it, it seemed more and more not fitting. So, there is one final challenge to master.

What is happening in 2020

As you all know, Corona has almost shut down every public activity with more than a few people. So, naturally, Nordlicht 2020 suffered the same fate, leaving me with no party to attend. As you might know I concentrated my work on that party in the last years, when I was not that active anymore. It was and kind of still is meaningful for me to support them and the party and hopefully I will in the future. And beside that, I do not want to do remote entries to other parties at the moment, because the feedback you get is sparse at best. It’s not comparable to a live event where you can talk to people about the releases and have a good time. So do not expect anything anytime soon.
What I am doing at the moment are two things. First and foremost, I am working on my new Album of my Studio Band “One Dice”, which will hopefully be released in Autumn – with one year delay, but more on that on the band homepage. The second thing I am working on is my book. I did write a novel for some time and finally got it finished this spring. But as you might imagine, It takes way more than just writing everything down. Now the reworking is taking place and I am enjoying that a lot, although it is a lot of work.
Over the next months I will put a lot of effort in those two projects and might release a track or two at an online demoscene event shortly before the album comes out. We’ll see. And then, ultimately, I hope to see some of you in 2021 at Nordlicht.