Nordlicth 2019 results

And we’re back from the partyplace. It was good, even just for one day. Meeting the old compadres from the group, like Veto and Peiselulli, and meeting new people, like Matt from HJB and Titus from Rabenauge and TMA was great. Arvenius, Sunspire, Kaomau, Dojoe and lets not forget to mention the people from Akronyme Analogiker, who I basically never saw inside the partyplace the whole time. Special shout outs to Demoscene Passivist at this point. It was a pleasure to meet you again, but lets be honest, once a year for a few hours is enough, isn’t it ? 😉
Anyway, moving on. My releases did as hoped and expected, if you with to summarize it. I did not have high hopes for the music, because it’s simply not the stuff for a demoscene party, but I wanted to get it out and it filled the competition well, taking into account that there were only 6 entries in total for the streaming music compo. My ANSI on the other hand did come in second place and that makes me really happy. I secretly hoped for that trophy to be mine and now it is! Thank you all for that. And it gave me a boost to work on new stuff to release next year. Well, that is a long time to go from today, but I will remember this Nordlicht for some time so it will pass faster than I think. I guess.
The releases will be uploaded once they are available on

Preparations for Nordlicht 2019

It is that time of the year again and this year it will be special for me. Why? Because I decided to visit Nordlicht Demoarty again. I was there numerous times, especially when it started 8 years ago. With this year, I think I will be there 6 of 8 times and I am somewhat looking forward to it. Haven’t seen those nerds for some time and really hope to catch them for a talk. I also did prepare something for the party competitions. I couln’t get it finished a 100%, but thats ok. I still think its good for what it is. My first time using Pablo Draw was interesting and the result is pleasing enough to enter it into the ANSI/ASCII competition, which will be held on friday. Since I am only going there on Saturday, I will not see it live, but knowing I have something with which I participated is enough to please that urge. Hopefully I will get another music thing ready for saturday and compete again. See you on Saturday!

Something stunning

The following comment does only reflect my opinion and although it does contain some generalizations, those are only my subjective view of things. So you might find yourself not agreeing with them and thats ok.
I made a lot of music. Thats a fact from at least my perspective. Amongst all the stuff i did over the years (since 1989), there was a lot of stuff that I consider plainly bad. Understandingly, many of those bad tracks are from the early days, where I learned to work with samples, soundtracker and all that stuff. Gladly only a few of those tracks miraculously found their way into the light. Most of them remain dead on old discs. And I am happy about that, because they are not tracks you want to listen to ever again. But on the other hand, they were necessary to progress with learning. I assume, nearly everyone who learned their way into an artform, has some of those examples somewhere. Highly talented persons excluded (but maybe not from their perspective).
And then there are those other tracks… Continue reading

Flashback 2019 preparations

This time I am going to support my fellow Onslaught members and their demoparty down under with an entry for the oldschool gfx compo. The party will be held in a month from now and that gives me time to get the graphics into an exe. It is a PICO-8 graphic done in Timanthes with the PICO-8 palette. So it does need converting. I am hopeful that there is someone out there, who can do exactly that for me. Plans are already in motion. My plan is to do more gfx stuff this year, especially for the Australian parties. It may all be PICO-8, because I found a liking in those format, which is restrictive in its colors and resolution, but open with the usage of it. There are no special modes (yet) like FLI, Interlace etc, like on C64, which make a decent looking multicolor graphic look pretty, well lame in comparison.  So, see you all at Flashback 2019!

Syntax 2018 results

The party is over and there were a few really good entries in the graphics competition, which was – in my opinion – the strongest competition at the party. With numerous entries from all over the world. It must have been a pleasure to watch all of them live on the big screen. Nexus took first place in the newschool gfx compo with a stunning picture, well worth it. Too bad, it seemed a little out of competition, since in my opinion, it played in a league way above the rest of the entries. Not so the oldschool gfx compo. Duce, Railslave, Lobo, Jok, cTrix all had entries in the competition, featuring a whopping 18 entries in total. And one of them was mine, Chicano Girl. To my surprise, i reached 4th place, which i see as a huge compliment and a motivation to involve myself in future project. Thanks for your votes. Onslaught in total had seven entries all over the board, the biggest one being the new issue of Vandalism News. Unimaginable six disk sides filled with content. I bow to everyone involved for that archievement. insane. I need to read it all soon. My entry will be uploaded in the next days to this website, of course.

Syntax 2018 is coming

I cannot believe that I am going to participate in another competition again. After all those months. Last year, I remember, I did something for the PICO 8 and it went to Nordlicht to compete there. It feels like an eternity. Somehow during this year, I decided, I had to release at least something once a year for the time that I feel this disillusioned from the demoscene. Just to keep my release streak from breaking. I do not release this because I am feeling motivated to be part of a competition. No. Not even because I want to be an active part of the demosce again. I did finish this graphics, just because of the urge to keep the streak alive and to be part of the Onslaught Team, which I hold highly for understanding. You can consider this, one for the team, for their party in Australia. Maybe, maybe I feel motivated some day to do stuff for the two Australian parties, Flashback and Syntax. We’ll see about that. What you can be sure of is, that I will not do any Continue reading